PHP White Screen on one Server Environment, but not the other

Ever work on PHP build that runs smoothly on one server environment, but then whitescreens on another? Or the homepage loads, but no secondary pages do? This may be one of the most forgotten set reasons why it happens, because it's encountered so infrequently....

Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet

If there's one area I have trouble remembering, it's definitely regular expressions.  Whether matching strings in javascript, C#, PHP or writing redirect conditions and rules in an .htaccess file, this is the cheat sheet to have handy!  Compliments to for making it available.

WordPress 3.0 Templates & Tags Cheat Sheet

This quick reference guide provides the majority of WordPress 3.0 core functions you may need to customize a front-end or back-end template.  Compliments to who compiled the reference sheet.

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