Programming, Prose, Poetry, and Practices is my personal blog to keep document various issues I come across in both my full-time job and freelance projects.  The posts you find on this blog may include step-by-step tutorials and documentation for implementing specific features, resolving web-server administration issues, installing/enabling additional web-server features, as well as occasional posts about good programming practices.

For those of you who are also lines deep in code, occasionally frustrated by poorly written support documentation, I hope you find some of my posts to read like prose and other like poetry.

In addition to my blog posts, I hope to compile a library of resources including:

  • common code snippets I occasionally have to use, but have yet to remember
  • crib sheets for various platforms, frameworks, and languages
  • checklists for site building, SEO, and more

Finally, because my full-time career requires that I be a jack-of-all trades, supporting and evaluating multiple content management systems, this site will also feature my personal take on pros and cons of various platforms in addition to links to sandbox or demo deployments of said CMS platforms.

To learn more about my professional and freelance history and experience, please visit my bio on the main portfolio section of my site here.

Thanks for visiting my Programming Blog.

-Anson W. Han