Improving PageRank for your site

With the many changes in search algorithms in the last year or so, search engine optimization has become quite the trend in marketing. At the dawn of internet search, the hype was all about a site's PageRank, yet as much as it gets mentioned and tossed around by the SEO experts, how many sites have you come across that actually have a PageRank value worth boasting? The SingleGrain search and social blog featured a great article summarizing just where the industry stands as of the last days of summer 2011. Read Does Google PageRank Matter Anymore?

Regardless of how much weight one should attribute to a site's PageRank, there's still no doubt that a better PR can help your site in the search engine results.  So what attributes should one look for to improve their PR?  ZippyCart put together the great infographic (previewed at the left), comparing PageRank scoring to running for Prom King/Queen.  Surprisingly, the analogy really does fit!

How can you find out your site's PageRank?  Try out the free Google PageRank checker at