Canoeing the Wissahickon Creek

A peaceful canoe ride?

A couple canoeing along the Wissahickon Creek enjoys the calm before the storm.

Navigating the Rapids of the Wissahickon

As the creek narrows and winds, the current picks up, and this couple must paddle clear of running ground.


First Canoeing Obstacle Overcome

Canoeing adventurers catch their breath after navigating the first series of strong currents along the Wissahickon Creek.

Canoeing Through a Tight Spot

Don’t look now, but this canoe has drifted into another obstacle- low head clearance.



These people paddle there way clear of the shore line and low hanging trees along the Wissahickon.

Keep Paddling!

Having cleared the low hanging trees and running a ground, these two are glad to be back in control of their canoe.


What a Thrill Ride!

That was a fun canoe adventure.