Memories and stories are best captured through good photography.   I have been an avid photographer from my youth.  Serving on several editorial boards for various high school and college publications, I have also developed an eye for capturing those special moments and awe-inspiring views that make life worth living.

I originally started a photo blog in 2009 and then migrated it to a self-built website in 2011.  The responsive portfolio you see on this site is the third iteration of my photo blog, relaunched in 2013.  The many pieces of work that are showcased jog the memories of both friends and family that took part in the events and trips that serve as the backdrop to each photo.  Moving forward, I hope to post actual short stories behind each new picture shared on the site.

While most of these pictures may have personal meanings and backstories to those present at the time of snapping the shot, I hope some also trigger fond memories and stories for you to share as well.  Please feel free to comment on any post!

Thanks for visiting.