Using Lists & Spreadsheets on a TI-Nspire cx cas Scientific Graphing Calculator

Below are some step-by-step instructions (with pictures) for programming/saving lists of data and using the spreadsheet capabilities on a TI-NSpire CX CAS calculator.

1. With the calculator on, go to the home screen/main menu by clicking the ON button.The "on" button loads the main menu of apps for the calculator.TI-nspire CX CAS's home screen

2. Then select Lists & Spreadsheets from the apps across the bottom (it should be the 4th icon over).  This will display the general spreadsheet screen (with any previous data reloaded).
Choose the Lists/Spreadsheets app from your TI-NSpire CX CASThe spreadsheet screen has two special rows at the top of each spreadsheet.
3. Use the top most row to assign variable letter(s) or dataset name(s) to a column.
Variable Names or DataSet Titles
4. Input your list of values/data in the corresponding column(s) below.
Type in your data/list of values.
5. If you wish to generate a column of results/manipulate your independent variable with a function, then input the variable or equation in the 2nd (gray) row.  Use the “VAR” button on the calculator to pull up a list of your previously defined variables by letter or name.
Input formulas on the 2nd row (displays in gray)Use the VAR button to select predefined variables.