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Useful resources for students taking Chemistry

Using Lists & Spreadsheets on a TI-Nspire cx cas Scientific Graphing Calculator

Below are some step-by-step instructions (with pictures) for programming/saving lists of data and using the spreadsheet capabilities on a TI-NSpire CX CAS calculator. 1. With the calculator on, go to the home screen/main menu by clicking the ON button. 2.

Molar Mass and Mass Percentage Calculator for Chemistry

Calculating Molar Masses and Mass Percentage are fundamental concepts in chemistry.  Molar masses are used throughout stoichiometry problems for liquids, solids, and gases. What exactly is molar mass, and how is it used? The molar mass of a compound (sometimes

Stoichiometry Problem Solver, Calculate and Convert Grams -> Moles -> Moles -> Grams

In the world of chemistry, stoichiometry can be a time-consuming and sometimes confusing unit to study. ┬áTo help with your stoichiometry homework, here’s a brief overview of the topic and some links to useful and free calculators and problem solving

Chemistry Crib Sheets & Study Guides

Here are some great chemistry crib sheets & study guides, as well as nicely color coded periodic table. Periodic Table of the Elements Chemistry Equations Organic Chemistry Structures Thermodynamics

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