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Useful resources for students in math courses of all levels

Memory Tricks: Mnemonics for Order of Operations

When it comes to learning math, memorizing the Order of Operations is probably one of the earliest encounters students have with mnemonics. PEMDAS- or more commonly, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally helps students remember what order to do their

Using Lists & Spreadsheets on a TI-Nspire cx cas Scientific Graphing Calculator

Below are some step-by-step instructions (with pictures) for programming/saving lists of data and using the spreadsheet capabilities on a TI-NSpire CX CAS calculator. 1. With the calculator on, go to the home screen/main menu by clicking the ON button. 2.

Graphing Functions on a TI-Nspire cx cas Scientific Graphing Calculator

The days of a consistent user interface with Scientific Graphing Calculators from Texas Instruments seem to be waning. While many schools still encourage the use of TI-83/TI-84/TI-89 models, some are pushing the more recent release, the TI-Nspire CX CAS- whose

Identify All Possible Rational Roots for a Polynomial with the Rational Root Theorem

Much of Algebra I and Algebra II is spent learning how to solve polynomial equations- in particular, finding solutions / roots / zeroes of an equation. This process can be very tedious, but fortunately, there are some theorems and techniques

Vector Addition/Subtraction Calculator and Vector Component Resolver

In the realm of Physics and Math, one of the most useful fundamental concepts studied is how to work with vectors.  Vectors are measurements associated with direction and are used in the fields of construction, air traffic control, nautical navigation,