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Motivation tips to get through the Academic Year

The fourth quarter is when most kids have the most on their plates. Cumulative exams, standardized testing, final projects and papers, last minute assignments: there is so much to get done! Just like a race, performance in the last quarter

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Final Exam Season is here- raising questions about Test Prep

While most high school seniors are counting down the days to graduation, juniors and sophomores are preparing for final exams, AP Exams, Subject Tests, and perhaps another go at either the ACT or SAT.  Some tips/suggestions for those entertaining test

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How Parenting Styles influence Academic Performance

Studies show that one parenting style is more successful than others when it comes to raising independent, socially competent, responsible, and academically successful students.  Learn more at:

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Reducing the Frustration around Homework

Frustration with homework is incredibly common, not just with young children, but even with high school aged students. The good news is that there are a lot of things parents can do to make a positive difference, reduce frustration, and improve

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Final Exam Study Tips

As the academic year winds down, students of all ages are looking to cram.  Some common suggestions include: Breaking up study time Changing up the environment/location Studying with a group Visualizing Success Setting a schedule Utilizing Technology to mix it