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Style Guides for Papers & Citations, Grammar Review and common grammatical error information

Common Idioms found in Grammar/Writing Skills Sections of Standardized Tests

What is an idiom? An idiom is a common phrase, usually a pair or group of words that includes a preposition such as “appeal to”. Below is a list I’ve compiled over the years doing test prep tutoring:   AboutWorry

Conjugate Verbs in Latin, Spanish, French, German, or Italian

When it comes to learning a foreign language, there’s nothing more dreadful than the routine task of conjugating verbs- especially since there are so many forms and varieties for each verb.  Thanks to the advent of technology, determining and confirming

SQUIDS English Assignments

One of the most common trends in high school English classes, as well as some college writing courses is the SQUIDS assignment.  Like many learning styles and strategies in academia, SQUIDS is an acronym commonly used to describe a particular writing

English Grammar References

Here are some great grammatical references for essays, term papers, and thesis papers, as well as standardized test review. English Grammar: Parts of Speech (defined) Grammar, Usage, & Style

Style Sheets for Essays, Term Papers, and Thesis Papers

Here are some great style sheet references for essays, term papers, and thesis papers. MLA Style Sheet CMS/KLT Style Sheet APA Lite Style Sheet (for college manuscripts)