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Boost that College Application with Summer Experiences

Aside from extracurriculars, good grades, and standardized test scores, high school students can also help their college application process through rewarding and enriching summer experiences.  College Advisor Cheryl DiLanzo shares her inside perspective on the types of summer experiences that

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Free Family College Planning Workshop for Greater Philadelphia Parents

A+ Test Prep and Tutoring will be hosting a family college planning workshop from 7-8pm on Thursday May 15, 2014. You will learn from financial representatives, college advisors, and professional tutors on: Efficiently saving and paying for college Creating a

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Get a Jump Start on Your College Admissions Essay

As any college admissions counselor and teacher can tell you, summer is the best time to start framing as well as finalizing your college admissions essay(s).  Whether a general open-ended essay or a particular response to a prompt, the college

Memory Tricks: Mnemonics for the US Cabinet Departments

While tutoring this week, I had to help a middle school student prepare for a test in his social studies/ US Civics class on the Executive Branch.  One of the requirements for this test was to be able to identify

Memory Tricks: Mnemonics for Order of Operations

When it comes to learning math, memorizing the Order of Operations is probably one of the earliest encounters students have with mnemonics. PEMDAS- or more commonly, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally helps students remember what order to do their