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Anson is a “can-do” person, someone we trust with any level of work. He is highly intelligent, resourceful, energetic, goes the extra mile, isn’t satisfied with the ordinary, enjoys being productive, and has well-considered opinions and input. In addition to tutoring and coaching many and various students, we call on him to train and instruct our new tutors. His attention to detail and his knowledge of academic development is invaluable. Over the years there have been countless families who consistently, year after year, call A+ and request Anson’s expertise. He has experience in tutoring most subjects, as well as Study Skills and Enrichment Programs. Anson is also called on to be a Mentor, which is a program we designed for new tutors before they visit their first client. He is patient while reviewing and guiding them through the process of evaluating each student. Lastly, he has restructured and updated our website, being alert to any changes he believes will keep A+ in a vital online position. He’s the kind of person/colleague that every company desires. He’s friendly, smiles easily, is reliable and punctual, sees the humor in situations, and loves a good challenge! If the day ever comes when he stops tutoring/training with A+, we will likely have to hire 3 people to fill his shoes.

~Susan Ware, Assistant Director, A+ Test Prep & Tutoring
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