Charismatic, Remarkable Dedication, a Win-Win Team Player and Leader!

Anson has been a pleasure to work with. His charisma and work ethic are valuable to any employer or client. Over the duration of his career with us, he successfully relaunched over 50 domains. Although I was hesitant at first to give him full creative license, I am extremely satisfied I did. In addition to debugging and optimizing existing websites, he was able to provide much needed informative content and eye-appeal, as well as rich key-word density. Several of his projects have acquired first page organic search engine result rankings on leading search engines including Google and Bing. This in turn has led to several business and networking leads, and has solidified our position in the Property Restoration market.

In addition to the professional websites, Anson has demonstrated a remarkable dedication to our business’ productivity and bottom line through taking on additional responsibilities and providing custom solutions and systems to streamline processes. I was able to trust Anson as a representative for our company in various permit and license application processes, as well as in small claims cases. In addition, he provided IT support to our office- installing and ensuring we had the latest virus scan and anti-spyware software, removing viruses and restoring computers, maintaining a network of printers and accessories. His most valuable contribution to our company was his customized WordPress database and search engine to manage our affiliate network. He trained our staff on using the new tool and provided a very user-friendly, self explanatory graphical interface. No matter what the task, Anson always saw it through to completion, and was always willing to work late or from home.

I know that his forthright and hard-working nature will prove a valuable asset to anyone. Anson is a win-win oriented team player and leader. I highly recommend him for any opportunities you may have.

~Oren Mashiah, Owner, Royal Water Damage Restoration, Inc.
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