An Asset as a Leader: Patient and Helpful

I worked with Anson for about a year and a half. Within a short period of time, he became a helpful colleague and a wonderful friend. He always attempted to challenge himself by getting involved in other areas of the business such as the hiring process and improving the company’s accounting system. Anson was not only an asset in his department as a lead, but he was also always willing to assist co-workers in other departments. For my personal experience, Anson was very patient and understanding when assisting and training others, which made him the person to go to for help. He always found a way to apply his knowledge and expertise in order to help others in a bind. In addition, his good nature and sense of humor made the company a better place to work.

~Jessica Ivanovic, Business Analyst, Boeing (former colleague at Eureka Metal & Glass)
Reviews on Character & Work Ethic
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