Project Case Study

Lauletta: Leveraging the Simplicity and Capabilities of WordPress

  • Reskinned Theme
    Reskinned Theme
  • Original Theme
    Original Theme
  • Custom Profile Post Type & Templates
    Custom Profile Post Type & Templates
  • Profile Page Template (Screen)
    Profile Page Template (Screen)
  • Profile Template (Print)
    Profile Template (Print)
  • Related Posts/Contextual Sidebar Widget
    Related Posts/Contextual Sidebar Widget
  • Custom Sidebars
    Custom Sidebars

Consolidation and reorganization of former site to reflect a deeper content hierarchy for SEO, custom themed homepage slideshow utilizing NivoSlider, custom sidebar widgets to highlight specialties and contact information of individual team members, custom content types to allow for specific templating of individual bios (both print and screen), implementation of Featured Articles slideshow for displaying news content in sidebar.