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Referred through a mutual acquaintance, independent interior kitchen and cabinet designer Ellyn Barr had a vision for her website but needed a customized and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS).  Having reviewed the client’s content and desired site functionality, I recommended utilizing the Drupal 7 platform with an Omega based responsive theme.  The CMS would provide the ability to customize content types to be used repeatedly or selectively across the site and the Omega child theme would allow for the same content to be rendered across desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.  The color scheme reflects a piece of garment that inspired the DragonFly logo for the independent contractor- but was not a quick and easy matching process.  After an exhaustive one-on-one review and testing of colors, color gradients, fonts, and font styles, this customized site was finally ready for launch; deploying within 6 weeks from conception.

Enhancements & Accomplishments

  • Drupal 7 Responsive Design utilizing an Omega Custom Child Theme, allowing the site to be cross-browser and cross-device compatible
  • Custom content types and views, utilizing the Entity API, Views3, and Nivo Slideshow.
  • Alternate “delta” layouts for home page and secondary pages of site
  • Contextual Block Formatting and Page Layouts

Additional Accomplishments

  • End-User documentation for customized content management with Drupal 7, including step-by-step screenshots walking through the process of enabling context-sensitive blocks.
  • Search Engine Optimization of content, canonical urls, url aliases
  • Internet Explorer 6 compatibility, iOS and Android device compatibility
  • Optimized Mobile specific contexts/page layouts to avoid rendering/processing of hidden elements
  • .htaccess mobile device detection and redirection to mobile specific pages.

Services rendered from: January 2012 – March 2012

Visit the Ellyn Barr Designs website (www.ellynbarrdesigns.com)

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