Promoting Awareness of Tourette Syndrome and Neurological Disorders

Band Of Artists Website: jQuery Animated Featured Photo Tourettes Informational Colorbox Overlay Responsive Design: Tablet Friendly Layout Responsive Design: Mobile Friendly Layout

When first approached about the Band of Artists website in Autumn 2011, I was asked to provide design and content services from a mere verbal description of the organization’s vision. Band of Artists’ first formal production, Intersection, was still being conceptualized, and limited material was available to brand the organization. Organization founder Sutie Madison wanted a site that was clean and professional, yet “edgy” and reflective of their mission. After observing Intersection¬†first hand in December, I knew just the “edge” to provide Band of Artists for their formal site launch in Spring 2012. ¬†The homepage of the site symbolizes and acts as an analogy to the tics that a person with Tourette Syndrome experiences.

Enhancements & Accomplishments

  • Custom jQuery animation and motion effects on featured photo to symbolize the tics Tourettes patients exhibit.
  • Colorbox inline html content overlay responding to visitors who attempt to “stop the tics”.
  • Responsive Design utilizing custom Admired child theme- mobile phone, tablet, and desktop friendly
  • Customized WordPress post types and page templates
  • Custom contact forms to book speaking engagements and performances
  • Custom RSS News feed sharing headlines, press releases, and upcoming performances
  • Compilation of Tourette Syndrome information, resources, and definitions to help spread awareness and provide a one-stop site for people researching TS

Additional Accomplishments

  • End-User documentation for customized content management with WordPress, including step-by-step screenshots walking through the process of inserting I-frames to embed YouTube videos.
  • Education of basic intellectual property rights and regulations

Services rendered from: March 2012 – Present

Visit the Band of Artists website (

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