A+ Test Prep & Tutoring Website v3.0

A+ Test Prep & Tutoring Website Management, Website Redesign, Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

The company president was looking to enhance the site, making it more search engine friendly, update cross-browser compatibility, and improve load time and performance. Utilizing tools such as PageSpeed and Firebug, as well as analyzing various Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster reports, we decided to proceed with a site-wide revision and its relaunch in June 2011.

Enhancements & Accomplishments

  • Complete redesign of site, utilizing cascading style sheets for layout elements (previously coded as a table) and centering content in browser
  • Optimizing javascript functionality for cross-browser compatibility
  • Replaced javascript rollover/expansion menus with cascading style sheet list formatted hover menus
  • Migrated customer testimonials to an XML format, easily maintained by office staff
  • Coded javascript procedures and functions to display all testimonials and randomly display geo-targeted testimonials
  • Implemented a tutor profile page for potential clients to learn about agency’s team of tutors
  • Generated content for and designed academic tutoring pages specific to common academic departments (english, mathematics, science, social studies, foreign language)

Additional Responsibilities

  • Search engine optimization suggestions including: additional pages and revisions to page contents, keywords, titles, heading tags
  • Add and maintain html links to resources and contacts
  • Miscellaneous changes to content on website

Services rendered from: Spring 2007 – Present

Visit the A+ Test Prep & Tutoring website (www.aplustutoring.com)

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