Vector Addition/Subtraction Calculator and Vector Component Resolver

Velocity Vectors are among the most common types of Vector Problems
Wind can effect Navigation, Vector Calculations are Used to Compensate

In the realm of Physics and Math, one of the most useful fundamental concepts studied is how to work with vectors.  Vectors are measurements associated with direction and are used in the fields of construction, air traffic control, nautical navigation, and general travel/GPS calculations.

Whether you are adding, subtracting, or decomposing force vectors, velocity vectors, position vectors, rays and vectors defined by cartesian or polar coordinates, here are some great online based vector calculation tools that illustrate the skills taught in both physics and trigonometry/pre-calculus:

Vector Construction – Vector Addition and Vector Subtraction

Vector Decomposition – Breaking Vectors Down into Components

Solving Force Vectors for Objects on a Ramp or Inclined Plane