Wish List

Despite the many available tools online, there are always some areas in education where they may be lacking, or are extremely limited.  That said, with my background in programming and web development, I occasionally build tools to fill the voids I discover.

This page includes a “wish list” of tools I’d love to find for various topics covered in school.

  • Latin

    • Latin Verb Conjugator, Noun/Adjective Case Generator- conjugate any verb, decline any noun, and provide translations
  • Chemistry

    • Chemical Reaction Predictor & Balancer- predict the products of a chemical reaction, identify the type of reaction, balance the equation
    • Stoichiometry Calculator- given a balance chemical equation, perform moles-to-moles calculations, grams-to-moles calculations, liters-to-moles calculations, and multistep conversions
    • Gas Law calculator- solve ideal gas law or combined gas law problems
    • Half life calculator
  • ¬†Physics

    • Projectile Motion calculator
    • Center of Mass Calculator
    • Mechanical Energy Chart Generator