Lessons Learned & Worth Sharing

Throughout my hours of one-on-one tutoring and assorted career development opportunities, I have learned a great deal of information and found online educational resources that I’ve bookmarked and used repeatedly over the years.  From one lifelong learner to another, this blog serves as a place to share some of the wealth of resources I’ve vetted out and information that has proven successful in motivating and tutoring students of all backgrounds.

Final Exam Study Tips

As the academic year winds down, students of all ages are looking to cram.  Some common suggestions include: Breaking up study time Changing up the environment/location Studying with a group Visualizing Success Setting a schedule Utilizing Technology to mix it

Common Idioms found in Grammar/Writing Skills Sections of Standardized Tests

What is an idiom? An idiom is a common phrase, usually a pair or group of words that includes a preposition such as “appeal to”. Below is a list I’ve compiled over the years doing test prep tutoring:   AboutWorry

Get a Jump Start on Your College Admissions Essay

As any college admissions counselor and teacher can tell you, summer is the best time to start framing as well as finalizing your college admissions essay(s).  Whether a general open-ended essay or a particular response to a prompt, the college

Make Your College Application Stand Out

In A+ Test Prep & Tutoring’s summer newsletter, college admissions expert Amy Souber summarizes the “Four C’s of College Admissions”. Learn about the variety of factors besides test scores and GPAs that are considered in order to determine which college applications will make

10 Homework Tips to Avoid the 4th Quarter Slump

This recent article explores the new-found insight discovered by one columnist and parent from the Educational Connections’ monthly newsletter.  As spring time and summer weather makes procrastination and slacking more tempting, here are some great tips for parents/educators and students