Final Exam Season is here- raising questions about Test Prep

While most high school seniors are counting down the days to graduation, juniors and sophomores are preparing for final exams, AP Exams, Subject Tests, and perhaps another go at either the ACT or SAT.  Some tips/suggestions for those entertaining test options to fulfill college application requirements:

  • Some colleges will waive the SAT2 Subject Test requirements to students who have completed and submitted the ACT, as well as AP Exams.
  • The best time to take subject tests is at the end of the academic year so that you can review for a subject once and knock out multiple tests in that subject matter in one shot while the materials are fresh in your head (ie. AP Chem, SAT II Chem, Chemistry final).
  • For those taking the ACT in May or June, be advised that the Humanities long reading passages may be replaced with a pair of passages.
  • For the Class of 2017, be advised that the changes to the SAT format that take effect in March 2016 will likely significantly impact how colleges interpret scores and determine who makes the cut.  Also, March 2016 test-takers will not likely see scores until after the May SAT has been administered.  Current sophomores/fall juniors can still take the existing SAT format in October, November, December, and January of the next academic year.  Dan Edmonds’ article in Forbes magazine presents some interesting considerations about whether to take the ACT or SAT next year.  Read the full article here:
  • Thus far, the College Board has released the one practice exam for the New PSAT (which will be given in October, 2015 for the first time). The practice exam can be found here:  Previews/practice tests for the new SAT will be available later this month and early June.  For more info about the formatting changes, impacts on scoring, check out:


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